Automatically transfer documents from iAnnotate PDF to iAnnotate 4

Last updated on December 20, 2016

Our latest release of iAnnotate PDF includes a tool that can be used to transfer your PDFs to iAnnotate 4. Here are some frequently asked questions about that process.

I was just asked to transfer my documents from iAnnotate PDF to iAnnotate 4. Should I?

We have exciting plans for iAnnotate 4, and recommend transferring your documents to iAnnotate 4 as soon as you are able.

Is this automatic? How long will it take?

Yes, we will move your data automatically over a matter of minutes. The more data you have to move, the longer it will take.

Will all of my files move?

No, only PDF files.

Will my files still be in the original iAnnotate PDF?

No, this is a transfer of documents from one to the other.

Will my folders and file structure move?

Yes, we will move all folders and maintain file structure.

I haven’t been asked to move my files? What’s up?

There could be a couple of things going on here. First, be sure that both iAnnotate PDF and iAnnotate 4 are installed. Make sure you are looking for the prompt to move files in iAnnotate PDF (iAnnotate 4 will not have the transfer feature). If you are not automatically prompted, you can find the control to transfer files under Actions -> Send to iA4

Where will my files end up?

Your files and folders will be transferred to the Local Files area of iAnnotate 4.

I can’t find my files in iAnnotate 4!

The Local Files storage area is not automatically set up in iAnnotate 4. You can add that by tapping the large “+” in the bottom right corner of the Library -> Add Storage -> Local Files. Even if Local Files is not set up, you files will still be transferred. Once you add the storage, you’ll see the files.

I left the app while it was transferring files. Is that ok?

Yes, your files will be OK. They cannot transfer while the app is in the background, but will pick back up when you return to the app.

I don’t want to send my whole library. Can I just send some files?

Yes. Ignore the prompt when you first launch the app, and from the Library, you can select the files you do want to send. Then tap Actions -> Transfer to iA4

I got an error. What do I do?

If any error appears, make note of the file name that had an issue and verify the file was a PDF. If you try to transfer a file that is not a PDF, it will fail. If the file is a PDF, try to transfer the file individually. If the transfer was interrupted in any way, the files preceding the interruption were successfully transferred.

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